Enterprise Content Management

Our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions can do more than just manage content.  We bring content, users, and workflow together to optimize the way you operate.  Track progress, customize output based on users’ preferences, and organize content in a flexible way.  These are just a few of the features a custom ECM can do for you.

Learning Management System

Empower your staff with knowledge and keep your business in compliance through a robust Learning Management System.  Store all your training modules, control who has access to them, and keep track of employees’ progress all in one place.

Product Overlay

Many organizations already have products in place that would be too difficult and costly to unravel from current processes and technologies.  We can integrate with your CMS, CRM, and other products by implementing a layer above them, rather than completely replace them.  We are well versed in leading open source technologies, as well as commercially supported environments.


Connect data with maps and cross-reference locations using logic that applies to your industry and compliance needs.  Geo-mapping can help you visualize patterns and identify outliers.

Data Solutions

DataStream has a few data sets ready to configure to your needs.  Don’t see the data set you’re after?  Our team is well versed in collecting and converting content from paper, electronic, and web sources.  We can work with you to get you the content you need and in the format you need it.

Federal Legislation/Regulation
We apply intelligent markup to federal legislative and regulatory content, giving you the edge over publicly available information on Congress.gov.

State Legislation/Regulation
We compile and serve up legislation and regulations from all 50 states and DC, making it easy to connect consumers and information all in one place.

IRS 990 Filings
We gather non-profit financial data from 2001 to present as filed to the IRS, including complete organization and financial information.

Media Monitoring

Social media and news outlets contain valuable information–once you distill it down to what you’re looking for.  By consolidating all media outlets into one location, we can help you focus on individuals and topics you need to stay in the know about.

Digital Transformation

Transform files into workable, digital content.  We can help you turn boxes of paper and scanned documents into your own virtual data room.  Let your staff upload, search, and collaborate on digital content in a secure manner, without the need for pens, paper, and folders.  You’ll never need to waste time tracking down a piece of paper or note again!

Hidden Enterprises

Exciting news to come soon on our newest line of solutions that helps cities, towns and municipalities find additional revenue without increasing costs.